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Corfu: The most popular island of the Ionian Sea will fascinate you with its natural beauty, scenic beaches, architectural splendor, cultural heritage, cosmopolitan ambiance, and traditional delicacies!

Corfu is an island of special beauty with the infrastructure and facilities of a regular city. No wonder it is one of the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean, attracting more than 2 million tourists each year from around the world!

Here, you can enjoy a Mediterranean-European-style cosmopolitan vacation and high-end services such as luxurious accommodation, private sea trips and air travel, spa sessions, yoga & massage, water sports & activities, and, of course, fine dining and gastronomic cuisine.

For your stay, you can choose from a variety of rental accommodation. For maximum comfort and privacy in a luxury resort near the city of Corfu, Villa Omega in Kommeno, with panoramic sea views and a private pool, is an ideal choice!

The island of Corfu will leave in awe you with its natural beauty, characterized by dense vegetation, rock formations, and impressive beaches. As will fascinate you with its architectural splendor, cultural heritage, cosmopolitan ambiance, and traditional delicacies.

Every day you can discover an idyllic landscape, a unique natural sight or monument attraction, a scenic beach, a forested or a beach trail, delicious local food, and a new melody from one of the numerous philharmonic bands playing music in the streets.

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With a history that starts from the depths of antiquity and goes through different eras that were influenced by various conquerors (such as the Venetians, the English and the French), Corfu has formed its own special style, which is characterized by rich cultural elements in combination with architecture of medieval, classical and modern European type.

Travel in ancient and medieval times, through cantons and cobbled streets, as evidenced by ancient Greek temples, Byzantine churches, old palaces, French arches, Venetian fortresses, picturesque settlements and traditional villages.

Become one with Nature and take in the energy from its pristine beauty, by diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea and exploring the island’s enchanting waterfalls, rare lagoons, forest paths, as well as impressive caves.

Enjoy local dishes, such as pastitsio dolce, pastitsada, sofrito, savoro, bianco, octopus in tomato sause, tsigareli, porpeta, cod agiada, stoufado (Corfiot stew) and bourdeto.

Taste local food products and delicacies, such as olive oil, wine, honey, handmade marmalades, handmade fresh pasta, pastries, spoon sweets, kumquat liqueur, noumboulo, salado, and the “royal soft drink” tsitsimbira.

For a taste of tradition and island feast, you can participate in major events of the island, accompanied by food and “live” music, such as local traditional festivals, the revival of customs (Botides in Easter and Varcarola in August), and various other festivals, such as the Sardine Festival (in August) and the Wine Festival (in September).